Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

June 19, 2019

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The state of your warehouse effects many areas of the business. Something as basic as organization will determine how quickly and effectively you can fulfil your orders. Having a shipshape warehouse will also help prevent mistakes and injuries. Let’s take a look at some of the key practices that should be in place in every warehouse.

Common Safety

It should go without saying that safety comes first. Make sure that every aisle is cleared out and without tripping hazards. A clear route is a fast and safe route. Keep an eye out for fire hazards and make sure that fire exits are never blocked. Ask for help when moving heavy loads to avoid injury and damage to stock. All these are as basic as it gets, but without them ant hills can turn into mountains.


Having a system in place for the location of where you store things in your warehouse is a priority. Knowing where any given item that you sell is in the warehouse will prevent mistakes such as overstocking or running out of stock. Labeling the area according to the item is one way that you can do this. Make sure to label boxes and products so they can be found easily and moved faster.


At a certain point, the warehouse floor space will not be enough to store everything in your inventory. This is when you need to get ahold of shelving in order to elevate and store pallets above one another. Take the dimensions of your warehouse into consideration when planning for the layout of the shelves. You will still want to have enough space to move around the shelving without getting cramped up or blocked. For smaller products, you will want to look into getting stackable plastic containers, saving you a lot of space and keeping things organized.


A warehouse may be the place for many different tasks that your business does with regards to your products. Having a place cut out for each different part of the process will enable larger sized projects to be taken on without interruption. Take our very own warehouse for example: depending on the order, we may have to sand, oil, engrave, shrink wrap and then package the cutting boards before it ever reaches the buyers hand. With a station set up for each service in the warehouse, we can move large orders from one station to the next having multiple orders being worked on simultaneously. This is favorable for productivity and general warehouse management.

So there you have a few things to keep in mind as you manage your warehouse. The better the shape of your warehouse, the better the chances of you turning greater profits! Let Bulk Cutting Boards help you find your way to success!