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Serving Boards in the Restaurant Industry

March 25, 2019

Serving Boards in the Restaurant Industry

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Wood serving boards are frequently used in the home and can add style to traditional dish presentation. Today, restaurants are increasingly making these types of serving boards part of their dining experience. Concerns for sanitation, functionality and branding potential are all thought of in this industry, and for good reason. Let’s take a deeper look into these factors and see how hardwood serving boards are the answer for many restaurant owners.


The question of sanitation has been raised many times concerning the use of wood products in restaurants. Are they filled with bacteria? Can they be washed thoroughly? These questions have been answered in a recent study by the University of Michigan. They Report that plastic cutting boards are softer than wood, which allows for more bacteria to travel down into deep crevices unable to be reached by cleaning procedures. Wood, they claim, has fewer deep cuts and at the end of the day they can be sanded and restored to once again have a smooth surface. The importance of maintenance and cleaning is also stressed. Wood serving trays and cutting boards are porous and require careful attention. For more details on how to maintain and clean your hardwood cutting boards, visit our care and maintenance page.


Our wood serving trays can be ordered in bulk and engraved to make your client’s experience better, and more importantly get exposure of your brand. Branding has a considerable impact on the success of a franchise restaurant. It separates your restaurant from all others. This is important when there are so many restaurants out there offering the same kind of experience. Branding your logo on your serving materials is key to getting your brand known. Our serving trays can be engraved in any way that your restaurant needs, whether that is a logo or artisanal designs.

Popular Uses

Restaurants, such as pubs, that specialize in finger foods like burgers and fries can benefit from a wood serving tray because it is a perfect match both for the aesthetic and effectiveness of the dish. It has just enough room for a portion of fries usually found in basket lined with food grade paper and then the main course can be placed right next to it. These foods are often served in wicker baskets that are flimsy and cheap. A high-quality hardwood serving tray is a more stylish and robust alternative to the wicker basket.

Some restaurants opt to use serving boards when it comes to dishes that are meant to be shared amongst two or more people. This works especially great for appetizers and creates a more intimate environment.

There are many reasons why wood serving trays are making their way into the restaurant industry. But there are two reasons why a savvy restaurant owner may find wood serving trays beneficial to the business: One, buying bulk serving trays is cost effective. Two, engraved serving trays contribute to the branding potential of the restaurant. Check out our wide range of models and choose one that’s right for you restaurant today!

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