Know Your Knives

Know Your Knives

April 13, 2017

Know Your Knives

Choosing the right knife can be hard if you don't have the first clue on where to start. We're here to help. Bulk Cutting Boards believes that using the right knife is equally as important as using the right cutting board. Using the proper knife on the proper food can even make food prep seem like child’s play. So get ready, get set, and start chopping!

Know The Kinds

To start you off right, first you need to know the different types of knives there are. A basic set of knives would normally come with four types of knives, a paring or peeling knife, a bread knife, a chef’s knife and a utility knife. Knowing which knife is for which is important for the outcome of the food and sometimes even the outcome of the dish could be affected. You wouldn't use a paring knife to cut a loaf of bread, same as you wouldn't use a bread knife to slice up an apple. Although you can always use the knife of which you prefer, usually the bigger the knife, the thicker the food is. So a chef’s knife would work well for cutting meat where a paring knife would be better used to slice up vegetables and fruits.

Sharper Is Better

Never use a dull blade to cut something, as it will leave a jagged and uneven cut. Although sharpening a knife can become a task on its own when you don't take good care of your knives, it is well worth it. There are many different kinds of tools you can buy that will help sharpen your knives, but the easiest would be a simple sharpening rod. All you have to do is slide the edge of blade on your knife up and down on the rod and voila! As sharp as a knife, they would say.

Now that you know what knife you need to use on which thing you are cutting, you're ready to step up from that boring, old knife and into a world of fine cooking. If you ever get curious and try out new foods and new kinds of knives other than the basic few, you'd be surprised on the dishes you could create.