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Holiday Marketing Strategies

November 19, 2018

Holiday Marketing Strategies

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The holidays are just around the corner, making it the busiest time of the year. While orders from existing customers come flying in, you can't forget about extending your reach and obtaining new clients. Creating specialized holiday marketing strategies is a reliable way to boost your traffic and gain more sales. Several strategies used and how various companies put them into action will be discussed in this article.

Corporate Gifting

Make sure, especially during the holidays, that you show appreciation towards business partners, employees and loyal customers. Corporate gifting is an easy and effective way to show appreciation while furthering your clientele potential reach.

Corporate gifts can be anything from a branded product to an extravagant gift basket. When it comes time to decide on a gift, you want to ensure it represents your company's values. Choose a product that will be used and seen by as many as possible.

Here at Bulk Cutting Boards, we offer personalized laser engraved boards that make excellent corporate gifts and are great additions to various types of gift baskets. High-quality hardwood cutting boards are versatile and are used by everyone. They can be beautifully engraved and left out as kitchen decor or impressive centrepieces.

Create a Festive Logo

Holiday branding is a strategy that has been used for ages. This time of year gives you an easy way to make an impact, from holiday commercials and comical ads to repackaging and new colour schemes.

Changing your logo can be difficult, making it harder to be associated if it isn't similar to your initial logo. This is why you must think it through first to ensure that your audience will recognize your company.

The Pros

Following are some well-known brands that have excelled in their holiday marketing strategies for many years now.


Coca-Cola has one of the most popular holiday marketing known. With their colour scheme being red and white already, they are open to numerous packaging and advertisement options.

Coca-Cola's Holiday Packaging

Coca-Cola's Holiday Commercial



Being a popular brand, especially when it comes to winter sports, puts all eyes on you during the holidays. Nike shines with their winter advertisements and campaigns. Not only do they modify their logo, but they also create warm and inviting commercials. Sometimes keeping everything diverse over the holidays is a great way to gain reach internationally.

Nike's Winter Logo

Nike's Winter Commercial


Tim Hortons

Canada's favourite morning stop knows how to celebrate the holidays the right way. Tim Hortons makes a giant impression on the world with its many charitable foundations, and they use the holidays to promote this the best they can.

Tim Horton's Holiday Packaging

Tim Horton's Holiday Commercial



Everyone has seen an M&Ms holiday commercial, and we bet you still remember it. Their hilarious advertisements and holiday packaging have been hard to forget over the last few decades. Like Coca-Cola, they create the perfect colour scheme that is hard to miss during the holidays and they're commercials are well thought out and highly enjoyable.

M&M's Holiday Packaging

M&M's Holiday Commercial



Being the most used search engine on the internet, Google never ceases to step up their game during the holidays. Even by simply changing their logo daily, they can make Christmas fun.

One of Google's Many Holiday Logo


Holiday marketing is crucial for increasing your sales this time of year. Spread some cheer and show the world how you celebrate! For great corporate gifts, check out our high-quality hardwood cutting boards. With beautiful laser engraving capabilities, you're sure to impress everyone!

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