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Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Kitchen Utensils

September 6, 2016

Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Kitchen Utensils

Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Kitchen Utensils

If you are like me, you don’t like being forced into trends and molds that are driven by what everyone else thinks or believes. To me, if something has been accepted as the best, I will often look for alternatives that perform as good or better. I guess it is just the renegade in me. However, when it comes to choosing the right type of wood utensils for the kitchen, there is a reason that woods like maple have always been a popular choice.

Whether you are choosing wooden utensils like spoons and forks or a quality cutting board from, maple simply has a great, smooth feel when you are handling it. Some woods are extremely heavy, and it is like you are handling concrete instead of cooking utensils. Maple also provides a high level of quality that can be seen and felt. While maple remains the most popular, there are a number of hardwoods that qualify for kitchen duty, including cherry wood, and walnut.

These types of hardwoods have the consistency and the durability to take on the responsibility of being used as everyday utensils in the kitchen, and ultimately, it will boil down to preference. Another reason that maple is my favorite is because it has the capacity to season exceptionally fast. Not only does it seal up well, but the feel is remarkable. It feels like it has a waxy coating, which gives it that smooth feeling that makes handing the utensils so much easier. Not only does maple handle well, but it's one of the most durable and sturdy wood types you can choose for your kitchen. The dense, closed grain structure of the wood is what provides its durability — which means that cracking and splitting are not major concerns.

Something else that a lot of people love about maple wood utensils is the variation in the wood. No other wood type has the wide range of variation that maple does. This variation facilitates the ability to create some very unique presentation. There are maple utensils that have a deep, reddish gold color, and then there is maple this is clean and white, and there are multitudinous other color and texture variations, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your kitchen. While there is no doubt that maple is a fan favorite, cherry and walnut can hold their own as well.

The variety in maple has the ability to appease almost any decorative yearning, and it is highly functional. While maple is my first choice, it does not have to be yours. Let your renegade spirit lead you in choosing the wood style that is best for you.

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