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Buying in Bulk to Lower Restaurant Costs

March 10, 2017

Buying in Bulk to Lower Restaurant Costs

Buying in Bulk to Lower Restaurant Costs

Ask any business owner and they will tell you that costs are one of their top concerns – minimizing costs in order to be able to charge a competitive price to their customers. This concern is present among all industries, including those who own and run restaurants. For many companies, purchasing materials and supplies in bulk allows them to purchase them at a lower price. Once purchased, many items can then be stored on premises until needed. 

However, restaurants rely heavily on fresh items that cannot be stored for a long-term period. That is why it is important for restaurant owners to take advantage of items that can be purchased in bulk when available. Here are some ways to lower costs by buying in bulk without compromising the freshness of your food:

Use a Broad liner

Broad liners cater to the food service industry by selling food in bulk.  Establishing an account with one can allow you to set up a regular delivery of bulk items to meet your needs. This is an excellent option for existing restaurants who can provide proof of income.

Retail Warehouse Membership

These companies are excellent options for new restaurants who may have trouble establishing an account with broad liners.

Farm to Table Options

Purchasing directly from farmers is another option for both new and established restaurants. Not only can you negotiate a lower price on bulk quantities but you can promote your use of farm-fresh ingredients.

Besides food, restaurant owners can reduce costs by purchasing other items in bulk as well. Some of these ideas include:

Some companies will offer its customers drastically reduced rates for purchasing items in bulk quantities. For example, Bulk Cutting Board sells bulk cutting boards for reduced rates, starting in packs of 20; the higher the quantity, the lower cost per unit. 

Running a restaurant can be expensive and customers do not care. They want a great meal at a competitive price and buying in bulk is a great way to help reduce costs to give them what they want.  

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