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Why Choose a Walnut Cutting Board

September 19, 2017

Why Choose a Walnut Cutting Board

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While maple may seem like the more popular choice, walnut cutting boards are an interesting choice to consider. They look just as good, or even better, as other top of the line wood choices and last just as long. If you’ve got your style and the quantity of boards you need, then we’re here to prove to you why walnut should be the type of wood you choose.


As far as hardwood cutting boards go, walnut has that classic deep wood look to it. It has a more rustic appearance to it, making it great for more than just being used as a cutting board. For example, you could use it as a serving tray in restaurants, or you could personalize them and give them as gifts. Either way, walnut is definitely the color for you to choose based on appearances.


When buying in bulk, you want to ensure that the quality of the boards is durable enough to last. With this being said, it is always preferred to use end-grain boards over edge-grain boards. This meaning, end-grain boards are cut to make the wood fibers be at the top of the board so that your knife runs against the fibers instead of across it; this leaves less scarring and reduces the chances of your wood splitting.


Certain types of wood, such as softwood, have pores or leave bigger scratches than traditional hardwood cutting boards would have. Pores and scratches leave openings which allow bacteria to grow and fester. About once or a twice a month you should wax, oil and disinfect your board. Although hot, soapy water seems to do the trick after using it, it doesn’t always disinfect deep down in the scratches and pores, and it won’t keep your board in top shape the way a wax or oil would.

When it comes down to it, walnut is the best choice to choose. At Bulk Cutting Boards, we take pride in our board durability and maintenance. You can find the best cutting boards and their maintenance products by visiting us at Bulk Cutting Boards today!

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