Why You Should Choose Maple

Why You Should Choose Maple

January 10, 2021

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When shopping for a new cutting board, it is important to understand the advantages to decide which type is best for you. With a variety of different styles, sizes and materials, make sure your board fits your needs. We are here today to tell you why a hardwood cutting board is the best choice for your kitchen.

Hardwood is the best way to reduce knife damage caused by use, and have a long lifespan compared to other materials. The most popular woods used to make cutting boards include maple, walnut and cherry. Following are the reasons why you should be choosing maple.

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Maple wood comes in abundance in Northern America. Withstanding both cold winters and hot summers, these trees grow big and strong. Maple is used in many different manufacturing industries because they are frequently grown.


Due to the high number of trees grown in North America, maple wood tends to be easier and cheaper to acquire. With a lower environmental impact compared to other materials, costs remain lower than other outsourced products.


Maple has a reputation for being extremely resistant to damage due to its solid nature. Maple can also safely prevent bacteria from growing within cracks and cross-contamination. When properly cared for, hardwood maple cutting boards can last a lifetime.


­Not only does Maple create a sturdy and durable cutting board, but it also has a beautiful natural wood color. Lighter than most types of wood, maple has unique subtle grain marks and engrave wonderfully.

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