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The 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

July 5, 2016

The 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

The 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

A recent poll asked homeowners about the most useful and useless kitchen gadgets in their kitchen. What was discovered was that a large majority of the gadgets that were listed as useless seem to attempt to compensate for inadequate cutting skills. It seems that a good wooden cutting board, like those sold at Wholesale Cutting Boards, along with quality cutting and carving tools, are irreplaceable.

As far as gadgets that were considered useful, we listed the top 10 below. 

1. Microplate Zester

This gadget is a classic, and it is immensely difficult to find a zester that can be as effective as the microplate. It can be used on everything, ranging from citrus to cheese. 

2. Salad Spinner

One of the most popular devices mentioned in the survey was a salad spinner, especially the Zyliss model. While it takes up a lot of cabinet space, it does an exceptional job doubling at a storage container for freshly washed greens. 

3. Garlic Press

For the cook that uses fresh garlic on a regular basis, the garlic press is a must have. It can cut considerable time off of mincing garlic in large amounts. The garlic press is also very effective for juicing tiny citrus fruit. 

4. Mandolin Slicer

This is another kitchen favorite — speeding up the mincing and slicing process considerably. Some people admitted to having more than one. The gadget is extremely sharp, so you will definitely need to watch your fingers. 

5. Digital Timers

Timers are so important to ensuring that food is properly cooked, while not being overcooked. The most popular model is the MUJI. It is not uncommon for seasoned cooks and chefs to have multiple timers in their kitchen. 

6. Thermometers

Ensuring that cooked food is the right temperature is not only important to guaranteeing consistency with the texture of food, but it plays a major role in making sure that the food edible. Having a dependable and accurate thermometer cuts out all of the guesswork. It is a good idea to keep several on hand for different types of cooking, the oven, instant read and deep-fry. 

7. Manual Juicer

While electronic juicers are all the rage, there are still many people who prefer a well-designed manual juicer to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. A well-designed, powerful juicer is essential for any person who loves to serve fresh juice. 

8. Pepper Mill

While pepper can be purchased in pre-ground form, there is a distinct difference between pre-ground pepper and freshly ground pepper — making a pepper mill an essential part of any kitchen. While pepper can be ground using a spice mill, it would not be practical. 

9. VeggiChop

The VeggiChop is a highly functional food processor that is great for making rubs, salsas and dips. Additionally, it is much lighter, and easier to clean that a common food processor. 

10. Wood Cutting Board

Without a good wood cutting board, things can become quite frustrating in the kitchen.

Bulk Cutting Boards offers great prices on wood cutting boards in Walnut, Maple, and Cherry.

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