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Storing your Cutting Boards Properly During Winter

December 4, 2017

Storing your Cutting Boards Properly During Winter

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Anyone who owns a warehouse can tell you how the management can impact the entire workflow of a business. It assists in handling large volumes of inventory and, in the long run, results in generating more revenue. However, a lot goes into establishing and maintaining a warehouse. Factors such as using the wrong equipment, low-quality tools and even bad weather can have adverse effects on a warehouse.

A vast number of businesses commonly store wood products in their warehouses. Cutting boards are considered to be a major asset for day to day use in the kitchen. Therefore, any company dealing with kitchen products would know the importance of investing in bulk cutting boards.

Those who are familiar with a warehouse environment know that they have simple designs and therefore can be quite vulnerable to certain weather conditions. It is extremely important to know the right techniques needed in order to avoid any unfavourable circumstances. When the temperatures drop, dry spells from the cold are often followed by humid and wet conditions. In such settings, especially in exceptionally cold countries like Canada, it is very important to protect wood from damage caused by the weather. For protecting cutting boards, experts recommend storing them in conditions similar to where the final work will be located.

If you plan to store lumber in your warehouse, remember that it absorbs and releases moisture even when it has been kiln dried. Low temperatures and humidity can cause cutting boards to expand and contract, causing wood joints to come apart. To avoid this, they should be stored on short shelves. Moisture meters can be used to check the moisture content of wood, so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect cutting boards from damage. If you are bringing lumber in from outside, it may take several weeks for it to get accustomed to the indoor environment.

Unfortunately, harsh weather does not only affect cutting boards and other goods. A warehouse during winter can be a difficult place to work. Experienced warehouse owners suggest installing overhead doors which open and shut quickly, to prevent excessive exposure to the cold. There are some other important steps that can be taken as well, such as covering all equipment with thermal insulating material. When buying new equipment, opt for the type that can be handled by workers wearing gloves or mittens. Facilitating the employees with a comfortable break area, appropriate clothing and educating them about taking necessary precautions during the cold season, are also equally important factors.

It is important for all warehouse owners to prioritize the safety of their employees and take preventive measures to keep all equipment and goods safe during the winter season, in order to carry out work at the warehouse, smoothly. When it comes to inventory, Bulk Cutting Boards has what you need. With several varieties of models and types, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Visit our online store now!

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