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Be Original: Why Your Restaurant Should be Serving on Wood Cutting Boards

March 19, 2018

Be Original: Why Your Restaurant Should be Serving on Wood Cutting Boards

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Presentation is essential in any aspect of life, but more so when it comes to the food industry. If you want your restaurant to be popular amongst your customers, your food should not only be amazing, but your manner of delivery even better. With that being said, new restaurant trends emerge all of the time – and serving on wood cutting boards is one that you ought to try. If your place specializes trendy and popular dishes, here are some reasons why you need to start serving on our boards.

Serving on Wood Cutting Boards

Serving food on cutting boards is something new, as several different types of meat are known to be served on top of these boards as of late. This is one of the emerging new restaurant trends, presenting your dishes in an elegant and rustic way. Not just for meat, it’s ideal for different restaurants – from burger joints to bakeries. After all, cutting boards present a novel way to serve the usual burger and fries, cake and so much more!

What to Serve on Bulk Cutting Boards

Apart from burgers and fries, cheese plates go well on wooden boards. You can even put any bowled or plated food on it – this allows your cutting board to be used as a serving tray as well! Talk about versatility!

The best dishes to serve on a wood cutting board, besides the classic burger and fries, would include:

  • Any type of sandwich,
  • Steak,
  • Pizza,
  • Fish & Chips,
  • Desserts such as pie, cake and brownies.

Other than its multi-functionality, another thing that makes cutting boards good for the restaurant business is the fact that it acts as a good insulator. It can keep your customers’ food warm even if they gossip or are waiting for someone or something before they eat.

Different Bulk Cutting Boards that Fit your Serving Needs

When it comes to new restaurant trends, serving on wood cutting boards proves to be an ingenious idea due to a number of reasons. For one, we offer several styles, models and designs, so you don’t have to settle yourself with just the traditional rectangular design. There’s a wine-shaped variant that befits a cheese plate, as well as a round cutting board that makes any pizza or pie look ten times more delicious. As for the baguette cutting board – the name speaks for itself. With all of these possibilities, and don’t forget about our great bulk pricing, you will get the variation in your restaurant serving trays that will make you unforgettable.

If you want a unique wood board that can only be seen in your restaurant, we can create quality personalized boards made from walnut, cherry, or maple – at unbelievably low prices. What are you waiting for? Replace your usual food containers with stylish and hygienic cutting boards today!

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