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The Benefits of a Juice Groove

January 29, 2019

The Benefits of a Juice Groove

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Meat is usually the focal point of every meal. However, serving juicy cuts on a wooden cutting board has a downside. If your cutting board doesn’t have a juice groove, all those mouth-watering juices will probably drip over onto your clean table or counter. Today, we’re going to discuss the benefits of purchasing hardwood butcher block boards that contain juice grooves!

Some Meats Tend to Be Juicier

Juiciness and tenderness are significant factors that determine the quality of your meat. Although both depend on how long it’s cooked for, there a lot of other factors that play into it. The longer you cook the meat, the more juice it’ll lose. However, the type of meat you choose also plays a big role. Still, whichever meat type you pick, having one or two butcher block boards with a juice groove is always useful.

Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clean and Tidy

Whether you need to keep your serving area tidy or your kitchen counters clean, having a juice groove can save you a lot of time. No one likes a messy kitchen, especially those in charge of cleaning the mess after the meal is done. Whether its liquids or crumbs, juice grooves are there to save the day.

Small vs. Big Boards with Grooves

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of having a board with grooves, let’s discuss whether it’s more convenient to have a bigger or smaller cutting board. Obviously, both of these have their advantages and drawbacks.

While large boards can be used as decoration on your counter and serve as your everyday cutting board as well, smaller ones are easier to store. Small cutting boards with juice grooves can also be used as serving trays at parties, especially for charcuterie.

Bottom line, juice groove benefits are numerous, but the most important is probably their convenience! In a world where every minute spent relaxing and hanging out with friends counts, juice grooves can serve its purpose and save you a lot of cleaning time. Not to mention the extra points you’ll get for being pragmatic and thinking ahead!

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