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Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

August 1, 2022

Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

There are many reasons and different ways that a cutting board can warp. For the most part, minor warps can be fixed relatively quickly and without much effort. Knowing all the reasons and differences between the types of warping will help you avoid these situations.

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your cutting board so continue reading and see if these DIY remedies get your board back to perfect shape!

An Untreated Board


- Slight Warping
- Cracking
- Odor


As a natural and organic household item, your cutting board tends to absorb humidity and moisture in the air that can alter its shape and structure—and in extreme cases it can lead to cracking. If your board has already cracked it’s too late for these remedies.


The first step for this unwanted trait in your cutting board is to treat it with the appropriate products. There are many cutting board conditioners available, but other products including natural food grade mineral oil and beeswax will help protect your cutting board.

Applying these products to your board will effectively slow down the natural absorbing process of the board. It will help keep humidity levels in balance. It acts as a seal or protective layer, keeping unwanted juices from seeping into the board—which contributes to unwanted odors. 

For this reason, we recommend that you treat your board regularly as a preventative measure.

Improper Washing Techniques


- Cracking
- Heavy Warping


If you are not washing your hardwood cutting board with the proper technique, you could be causing some severe damage to your board without even knowing it. These boards are NOT made to be submerged in water. If this happens, you will have a crooked board in no time.

Although it’s not submerged in water when put through the dishwasher, there is still enough water to damage it. Most importantly, it’s the heat of the water that will break down the fibers holding the board together, leaving you with a cutting board that’s in pieces.


First thing to do is change that way you are cleaning the cutting board. If your board is treated with a conditioner, then cleaning it with only a bit of soapy water and a cleaning cloth or scrubber will get the job done. Dry it off immediately with a dish towel or leave it to air dry in an upright position.

Try a mix of vinegar and salt mixed with lemon juice instead of soap for a more food friendly concoction. This also will help sanitize and deodorize the board.

Drying out Unevenly


- Cupping
- Warping


When one side dries out more quickly than the other, you will end up with a cutting board that is curvy. This makes your cutting board turn into a bowl-shaped piece of wood.

Have you ever left a wet sponge on your counter to find it a couple of hours later all dried up on one side, curving upwards? This is the same process but with your cutting board—this is called cupping.


Bringing your board back from this cupping process requires little to no effort. If the cupping isn’t too bad you can just turn it over with the curved part of the board turned downward toward your countertop.

It may take as little as a few days to come back to normal, in some more tedious situations it may take a week or so. Always make sure that your board dries out evenly after a good wash to prevent this.

Another thing that could help with this unwanted shape is to get little rubber feet installed on the bottom of your board. This will help air flow underneath it and help keep the board from slipping around when you use it.

We hope these DIY remedies sort out any problems you may run into with our high-quality wood boards. Don’t forget to see our care and maintenance for more details!

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