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3 Benefits of Buying from a Wholesaler

June 12, 2020

3 Benefits of Buying from a Wholesaler

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Buying certain items in large quantities is something that every business or large operation requires from time to time. Depending on your business, it may be something that you do daily to replenish used items or you may only do it once or twice per year. Regardless, there are numerous benefits to purchasing directly from a wholesaler. 3 of these benefits are:

1- Simplicity

Ordering items from a wholesaler allows you to simplify this aspect of your business. You are able to purchase larger quantities from a wholesaler, saving you time since you will not need to reorder as frequently. Also, in most cases you will build a relationship with them as you work together. Instead of shopping at multiple retailers, one wholesale producer will get to know you, your business and its needs. This relationship will help the wholesaler to know which products would benefit your business best. 

2- Economical

The most popular reason for buying from a wholesaler is the economic benefits. When you purchase a large quantity from a wholesaler, you will pay less per item than if you were to purchase it from a retail operation. Typically, the reason for the decrease in price is the absence of a middle man. By going directly to a wholesale distributor, you are able to obtain a lower price since the cost to the wholesaler is less.

3- Ecological

One benefit that is often overlooked when considering buying in large quantities from a wholesaler is the ecological impact. Purchasing from a wholesaler can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your business in multiple ways. The distance the product needs to travel is reduced since it goes directly to you from the wholesaler. The amount of packaging involved is reduced since you are purchasing larger quantities. The amount of waste in reduced since you are able often able to purchase the exact quantities you need. 

For those in the restaurant, food or home décor spaces, one item that is great to purchase directly from the wholesaler is wooden cutting boards. Our company, Bulk Cutting Boards, offers customers a wide range of options in three different types of wood – maple, cherry and walnut. Be sure to check out our selection of wooden cutting boards for the highest quality products at reasonable pricing.  

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